Monday, May 4, 2009


If you haven’t heard Alela Diane by now, shame on you. If you haven’t heard Headless Heroes, well, OK. The latter is a new-ish project featuring a cast of musicians—including Diane—performing songs from Daniel Johnston, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Nick Cave as well as some more obscure ’60s tunes by British songstress Vashti Bunyan, British singer-songwriter Philamore Lincoln and California folk duo The Gentle Soul.

The record—The Silence of Love—came out in the UK in November of last year, and will be be released in the U.S. and Canada May 19 on World’s Fair. The Headless Heroes versions don’t simply ape the originals. It’s less folky than Diane’s solo work, but her vocals are still the centerpiece, given even more weight with the lusher production. A few of the songs on The Silence of Love are pretty nondescript, but I’m liking the versions of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” and especially Lincoln’s “The North Wind Blew South.” The videos are cool, too.


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