Thursday, May 7, 2009


I recently had the opportunity to listen to some tracks off Coconut Record's latest album Davy (released 2009) Songs such as "Microphone", "Drummer" and "The Summer" surely enough gives Jason Schwartzman some justice for his musical skills. Like his 2007 album, Nighttiming , Davy introduces a new set of foot tapping ballads and songs that make you want to hum wherever you are, being in an elevator with a set of people you don't know, grocery shopping, or simply just hum to yourself. It is no doubt that with these two albums Schwartzman proves his talent not as just an actor but as a brilliant musician as well. For those who have never heard of Coconut Records or just haven't had the time to listen to his new album, i highly recommend you to get off your lazy ass and listen to COCONUT now!

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