Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Joyce, I miss you!!!
Why is it that we live right across the street from each other and rarely visit one another? Why is it that we can't quickly run out our front doors and meet in the middle of the street to say hi? We would be in 2 places at the same time, just like in A Walk To Remember. Granada Hills and North Hills both at the same time. 
Girl, I miss you! So I am writing here to tell you and to make it official that next Tuesday, April 21, you are all mine! We will spend the whole day together. Even when you get sick of me, I will not let you go home! If you attempt to run away, I will kidnap Martin. I swear I will. I will also steal your new macbook. So you better watch it. And i have A LOT to tell you. Believe me when I say that. Let's just hope i can remember all of it on Tuesday. Whats Tuesday you ask? ITS OUR DAY! Thats it.:) 
Jojo, my best friend in the whole wide world, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! 13 years and counting!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I will let you get back to your arts n crafts that you so dearly love. haha. 
Good day, and i am giving you a *wave* from my dining room window!  :)


  1. I could never get sick of you! When we're on skype, it saddens me when we have to hang up!

    Write down all your thoughts, make list! That way you won't forget!

    HAHAHAAHAHAHA, that's so funny, I was just about to start my new craft, hahahaah. Dang, you missed out on friday/saturday when I made paper carnations.

    Hey is Jesus waving at me too? Okay I'm waving back at you guys from my room.

    I love you, see you Tuesday!

  2. yeah i think i may just do that! good idea!!

    hahahah i knew it!! oh man tooo funny!!
    and awwww you did?!!!!!

    ahaha jesus??!

    I love you !!