Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Spring break has ended and now it's time to concentrate once again on school. Thankfully I only have four weeks left of the semester. I'm sure it will be filled with exams, essays, and projects. Then again,I hope it won't.
I can say I spent my two weeks of spring break very relaxed and enjoyable. Yeah, I didn't crazily go out as any other average college student would, but the times i did go out were enjoyable-to my taste at least. I spent a lot of time with my sister. I hadn't been spending much time with her for a few reasons. She's very concentrated on school right now and I have been doing other things to keep busy. And i must say that our short day trip to Solvang and three California Mission visits were so much fun. I loved every minute-except that scary road up the canyon on a cliff!
Unfortunately, I didn't see much of Alex during the two weeks. I saw him about three times. After the end of everyday, I really wished the day was longer. It really sucks not seeing your boyfriend a lot. But I can happily say that I enjoyed every day-as I always do. And I must say, visiting him at his house for the first time made-up for the lack of time I didn't spend with him during break. Although I was sweating bullets and having stomach aches from my damn nerves the day before, I had a lot of fun at his house. His family was very welcoming and definitely made me feel comfortable. I plan on visiting him more.
And here I end my very long update. From my depressing first day back to the good days I had during break, I say goodnight.


  1. You went out ALOT! don't be so modest, you had a VERY good Spring Break. And you better visit more.

  2. I only got to see you through skype. Not that's just whack.


  3. I KNOW!!!!!!! Next week?! I say Tuesday since i dont have school, i'm alll yours jojo!!!

  4. alex: I will DEFINITELY be visiting you again :)