Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm sitting on a raggedy old couch on the third floor of Manzanita. I have been here for almost an hour studying for three exams taking place in the next 10 minutes. It is sunny Wednesday. I can see the mountains, palm trees, students and birds flying high. I was supposed to see Alex today, but someone didn't let me. What a buzz kill. I'll see him Sunday, so I'm happy about that. On another note, I went to the vending machine because i wanted a lemonade or at least some Sierra Mist- I accidently punched in the code for Mountain Dew. Blah. I may go hiking again today. Its part of my "Living a Healty Life-Living a Longer Life" program-I'm the only member so far. Anyways, I need to go wash my hands-they feel very dirty which makes me feel dirty as a whole. So there! I gave you a brief look into my Wednesday so far. Good bye!


  1. Mountain Dew? Yuck. Wow what a horrible Wednesday. Hopefully Sunday will be better.

  2. I remember that Sunday being VERY VERY fun and a whole lot better than Wednesday