Friday, January 1, 2010


I have a new set of ultimate Lovvers in my life. Its true (and no, that wasn't a typo). I'd like you to meet, Lovvers, a Nottingham based band who's quite getting the deserved attention. Though mostly compared to Nashville's Kings of Leon, I have to step in and defend them. There are 3 things that differentiate the two. FIRST: they clearly are from Nottingham, not Hickville (haha, just kidding) TWO: they have a "i don't give a fuck" unique sound to them unlike KOL, and THIRD: they are not sell outs. So if you like the three basic differences just mentioned, take a listen. 

This track is titled "OCD Go Go Girls" from their newly released album, nonetheless also titled "OCD Go Go Girls". Enjoy!


  1. Sort of sound like a mix between The Smith Westerns, Liars, No Age, Black Lips. Which I LOVE or should I say LOVVE. Good band.

  2. hahaha i hear the black lips and no age comparison. but kOL?! no, not really, except in the opening chords, thats it. yeah me lovve this band too.