Monday, November 30, 2009


Listen up people! There is some awesome music being created, covered and being innovative out there and it has yet to be discovered. A perfect example of this, is the brilliant collaboration between Cheyenne Mize and Bonnie "Prince" Billy's EP, Among the Gold (Karate Body Records). This laid back collaboration brings forth a small collection of songs written back in 1873 to 1915. Unfortunately since its a very small project, it has missed recognition, except for the original fans of Mize and Billy. In this record, they cover songs such as my favorite so far, "Silver Threads Among the Gold", a country song originally written by Foster & Allen and the sweet Sinatra song,"Kiss Me Again". Others include "Beautiful Dreamer" and "Only A Dream." The best thing about this EP is it's simplicity and tender sound.You won't regret giving five minutes of your time to take a listen. I guarantee it.

Please ignore the edited in roses and cemetary scenes. I don't know why they added that.


    1. Wow. This is really really good, So its mostly just covers?

    2. Oh wow. . .Thank you for the monotone answer. .psh.. Jerk,

    3. You're ghetto. You're a're a jerk. And learn the difference between periods and commas idiot.