Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Artist: "Nickel Eye"

Sure you can play the guitar and sing, but can you do it all and still play the harmonica?

New solo artist Nikolai Fraiture (known from the Strokes) has recently been compared to Bright Eyes', Conor Oberst. Okay, so they both play the guitar and sing. But by listening to Conor Oberst's records, i still long to hear him play the harmonica the way that Nikolai does in his new solo project "Nickel Eye". His new project sounds much like Adam Green, not Conor Oberst.
Nikolai has a more relaxing and smoothing voice than that Oberst, which is painful, screechy, and pretty much depressing while listening to. Don't get me wrong, Oberst has a few good songs that i actually have on my IPOD, but my approval definitely goes to Mr. Fraiture for his effortless foot-tapping ballads.

Nikolai covering Nico's "These Days".
courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine

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