Monday, January 19, 2009

reflecting light.

Saturday morning- I was sitting there, in a salon & spa, surrounded by a sea of women who'd perfectly fit an open role in The Housewives of Orange County. I was there
waiting patiently, while my sister got her hair done.

Now, on this particular day, i met a 57 year old, now i didn't quite get his name, but lets just call him "Ted", for as he really seemed like a man who's name would be Ted. Now, he was also waiting patiently, as his wife got her hair; highlighted, cut and blow-dried.

Our conversation began with tattoos, like the bullseye aka "The Tramp Stamp", which then somehow our conversation shifted to the persona of Mike Tyson-i know, that was really random. Well I really don't care of any other ex-boxers, except for George Foreman. Why? because he invented the george forman grill, which is MAGICAL! But anyways, he explained how tattoos look best on dark colored people, such as Mike, but looks "trashy" on lighter skin toned.

We then talked about David Bowie and his wonderful hits, his in particular was "Golden Years" while mine was "Let's Dance".

Our conversation traveled through the depths of movies(as he was also an enthusiast like myself), the golden globes, his 34 year old son who has a tattoo of his old fraternity's symbols on his ankle, life in the 60s and 70s, diversity at public schools, etc.

He was a 57 year old man, who attended Birmingham High School and attended Pierce College in the 70s. He lived in Northridge but moved to Santa Clarita with his wife 3 years ago.

His wife's hair was done and he got up, complimented her, turned to me, said "whatever you do, have fun" and walked away.

Thanks, "Ted".